Yosemite Engagement Session

Have you ever considered booking a Yosemite National Park Engagement session? I had the privilege of documenting Alli and Colin’s love in Yosemite National Park in November. Although November isn’t peak season for the park, it was a photographer’s playground. Not a crowd in sight, we had Yosemite National Park free to frolic wherever we wanted. In this blog, I’ll show you all the beautiful photos from their session. In addition, I’ll explain some of my favorite locations in Yosemite to photograph. We had the best time photographing their engagement session in my favorite California national park.

Why take engagement photos in Yosemite National Park?

Yosemite national park is the most magical place for engagement photos. If you go before November, you can go to Taft Point for incredible views of half dome. Other dreamy features include tall golden grass and El Cap (my personal favorite). I love Cooks Meadow, which has a field to run around in! You genuinely can’t go wrong with taking engagement photos in Yosemite. Be sure to hire a photographer who knows their way around the park. If you need an engagement photographer, let’s chat! I know how to get the proper permits, prime photo times, and the best locations for you and your love to enjoy!

Photo Permits

Did you know that to photograph in a National Park, it requires a permit? Although each park varies, you can typically find them on the park’s website. For Yosemite session permits, click here! While most people think you only need permits for weddings, you actually need a permit for a Yosemite engagement session too. I highly encourage you to find a photographer who researches all of the permits needed. When it comes to engagement sessions in any of the national parks, we truly do need to be professional and respectful of the environment we are photographing in. But, don’t let that stop you from booking a session or elopement in a national park – especially Yosemite! If you book a photographer that knows what they’re doing (like me 😉 reach out here!!), it can be a breeze!

Alecca Synclair Photography in Cooks Meadow

Yosemite Photographer

Want to know my honest thoughts on Yosemite? Firstly, you truly can’t find a more magical place. I love the beauty all throughout the park and getting to take couples to my favorite spots to photograph is the best. Do you need a photographer for your Yosemite session? I photograph couples, elopements, and engagement sessions. Let’s chat about your Yosemite engagement session. (Or whatever type of session you choose!).

My favorite Yosemite Engagement Session Locations

So, you’re convinced that Yosemite is the perfect place for your engagement session, right?! Good – that means I did my job. Now for the fun part! As a Yosemite Engagement Photographer, I love taking my couples to all the unique and beautiful places the national park has to offer. With that being said, it’s important to have an expert photographer that doubles as a tour guide. Look no further – I’m happy to help! Here are some of my favorite locations around Yosemite National Park to photograph.

Cook’s Meadow

Cook’s Meadow is one of my favorite locations in Yosemite. With panoramic views of the park, the most beautiful grass that changes colors year round, and tons of open space, it’s perfect! Not to mention, this is actually one of the approved locations to photograph in in the park! It’s absolutely stunning. Additionally, it provides amazing views, and allows ample room for your engagement session.

Glacier Point

When I think of Yosemite, Glacier Point is the view I think of most. With the picture-perfect view of Half Dome, it truly does capture Yosemite in the most beautiful way. Unfortunately, this view will be inaccessible by road for the next year – and wasn’t accessible during this session because it was closed in November. If you’re wanting a Yosemite Engagement Session in a year or two after glacier point opens back up though, I highly recommend taking photos here! Or, if you’re up for a hike, you’re able to get to Glacier Point that way as well. Luckily, after over a year of road construction, it will reopen in 2023! So, mark your calendars and get ready to book your engagement session (or elopement ;)) at Glacier Point!

Tunnel View

Easily accessible – Tunnel View is a must stop. Luckily, there’s literally a parking lot right at it so no walking is required. Amazing, right?! Tunnel View is really one of the most iconic spots in Yosemite and gives a view of the whole park without any hiking! Tunnel View would be a perfect location for your engagement session in Yosemite National Park! So, what are you waiting for? Ready for your Yosemite National Park engagement session?

Looking for a Yosemite Engagement Session Photographer?

Like I said, hiring someone that knows their way around the park is essential. Subsequently, it’s important to hire a photographer that knows how to acquire permits. As a photographer, I would be honored to photograph your engagement session in the park. Reach out, I can’t wait to chat!

Looking for more recent examples of my work?

While I adored photographing this engagement session in Yosemite, it was actually super early in my photography journey! Over time, I have really honed in on my photography style. So, be sure to check out these recent blogs for a more accurate display of my work! I’m certain we’d make Yosemite look even better than these photos!