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job titles include: wedding photographer, world-traveler, veil-fixer, your grandma's new bff, capturer of your most important moments, and the ultimate hype girl on your wedding day. 

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I'm an Iowa-native turned city girl. but both the city + rural midwest have parts of my heart. My childhood looked like spending a lot of time outdoors on my grandparents farm, which ultimately lead me to falling in love with photography. How do those two relate? Well, my grandparents were together for over 50 years. Those years were filled with countless memories, both together and with the people they loved. And while stories could be told about their memories for hours, the one thing that makes me feel like I'm transplanted into their memories are their photos. 

I firmly believe that the moments in life, big or small, just like the ones our grandparents lived deserve to be documented. I want your grandkids to see the way their grandparents looked at each other on their wedding day. I want to capture the beauty of this season of life before it's gone. Because life is short, yet it's filled to the brim with beautiful moments, mundane and extravagant. 

fun facts:

+ I'm married to my middle school crush turned high school sweetheart

+ I call both houston ,texasand eastern iowa my home

+ I started working at a bridal shop at 15

+ I travel 50% of the year (so count me in to any and all destination weddings!)

+ You can usually find me editing away in a cozy coffee shop

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In the event I'm unavailable on your wedding date or slightly out of budget, we still have you taken care of! ASP has an incredibly associate team - so, what does that mean?

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february 9-12 / mexico
april  14-16 / new orleans
july 16-19 / moab, utah
july 22-28 / colorado
august 5-13 / italy & ireland
september 21-28 / greece
october 10-13 / dallas, texas

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