Wedding Week Checklist

Feeling a little stressed out the week before your wedding? Trust me, that’s completely normal. Regardless, it doesn’t have to feel that way! As a seasoned wedding photographer and past bride, I wanted a way to help the week before your wedding be less stressful. Which is why I created this wedding week checklist. Simply save this link for later, print it off, or whatever you need to do to remember to use it the week of your wedding! I promise if you follow this wedding week checklist, you’ll be all set for your wedding day in no time!

Save this photo for an easy wedding week checklist!

For the Bride:

  • Steam wedding dress
  • Clean wedding shoes
  • Prepare thank you notes or gifts
  • Have your engagement ring cleaned
  • Gather everything for detail photos (see here)

For the Groom:

  • Try on tux (& make sure it fits!!)
  • Prepare thank you notes or gifts
  • Clean shoes
  • Clean wedding band
  • Gather wedding things

Bride and Groom:

  • Communicate day-of timeline
  • Notify Vendors of any last minute changes
  • Prepare seating chart
  • Practice first dance
  • Finalize all rehearsal dinner plans
  • Prepare wedding vendor tips & give to the person in charge of delivering! (for questions on who to tip, see this blog!)

Maid of Honor Duties:

  • Maker sure all bridesmaids’ dresses are steamed
  • Prepare wedding speech
  • Communicate with other bridesmaids
  • Take care of the bride!!
  • Day of: Make sure getting ready space is clean!
  • Help bride complete her wedding week checklist

Best Man Duties:

  • Have groomsmen try on tuxes
  • Prepare wedding speech
  • Make sure all groomsmen are prepared
  • Take care of the groom!!

Final Words of Advice!

Friend, take a deep breath. Know that this week is supposed to be filled with so much joy & love and all of your favorite people. Follow this wedding week checklist, but also just prioritize what matters to you. At the end of the day, this is about you getting married! Celebrate that! Everything else will simply fall right into place.

Other Resources:

Brides magazine has a great resource with a more extensive wedding week checklist here!



  1. […] Now we’re getting into some of the bigger tasks to do. I always tell my clients to make a list – google doc, spreadsheet, etc. outlining all of the tasks that need to be done as well as who is responsible for each one. Additionally, have a clearly communicated wedding day and wedding weekend timeline sheet that can be easily sent out to all family members and bridal party. I’ll be making a separate post for this to help you know what should go on the timelines! Sometimes your planner will be able to help you with this. Either way, make sure to communicate all the logistics prior to your wedding so you can truly just enjoy the day! Additionally, make sure you have everything packed and ready that you will need on your wedding day! More on that in this blog post! […]