Salt Flats Engagement Session in Utah

Darbeigh + Andrew’s Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement

Darbeigh and Andrew booked me for their wedding in Austin, Texas later this year but had a request. When it came to planning their engagement session, this couple asked if I would be up for going to the Utah Salt Flats for their engagement session. My answer! Absolutely! Fast forward a few months, we were hopping on a plane and headed out to Utah. Little did we know just how stunning the Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah would be for their engagement session! Darbeigh and Andrew braved to chilly Utah weather in November and got up at sunrise for this session. Didn’t it turn out stunning?!

Looking for an engagement photographer who travels? Clearly, I’m always up for an adventure! Whether you’re inspired by this engagement session and want to head to the Salt Flats for photos too, or if you have another location in mind, inquire today! I would be so honored to travel and document your love story.

Salt Flats Engagement Session in Utah

Best Time of Year for a Salt Flats Engagement

Honestly? We decided to do their engagement session in November. Which just happened to be one of the worst times of the year for an engagement session at the Utah Salt Flats. BUT you’d never know based on the photos! It was definitely chill, especially for this Texas photographer! Additionally, the salt wasn’t quite salt. If you look close at the photos, you can see that it was basically light colored mud. Obviously, it made it a little difficult to run and dance and move around. But hey, we made it work!

My advice? The best time of the year to take engagement photos in the Salt Flats is in the summer or early fall! You’ll find the salt hardened and a lighter color! At the end of the day, though, I wouldn’t trade their session for a different time of the year! The sunrise was perfect! Also, we had the whole flats to ourselves. Basically a photographer’s dream!

Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement Session Photography
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Best Time of Day for Your Session

When it comes to your engagement session, I always recommend looking at the sunrise and sunset times on the specific date you’ll be taking photos. As a general rule, golden hour provides the best lighting. Avoid the harsh midday sun – which can cast difficult shadows. Generally, golden hour takes place about an hour before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise. If you need help deciding on the best time of day for your photos, I would love to help! As a photographer, I love helping my couples plan their sessions and ensure they have the best lighting!

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