Unique Motorcycle Wedding Exit

Looking for a unique wedding reception exit?

This bride and groom chose to ditch the common wedding exits and do something a little more personal. Have you ever witnessed a motorcycle wedding exit at a wedding you attended? If not, you need to! We’ve all seen the bubbles, sparkers, glow sticks…but I truly think this couple exiting their wedding ceremony on their motorcycle takes the cake! Be sure to save this post for later for some incredible wedding exit inspiration! Or, looking for someone to photograph your wedding day? Reach out! Who knows, maybe it’ll even convince you to have a unique motorcycle wedding exit of your own!

Georgia + Mitchell’s Unique Motorcycle Exit

Unique Motorcycle Wedding Exit bride and groom sendoff ideas

One of my favorite parts of a motorcycle wedding exit compared to other traditional exits is the photo ops! We snuck out of their wedding reception for a few photos of them in the full wedding attire. Of course, for the official exit, the bride had to have a motorcycle-proof outfit change. Just wait until you see it! I absolutely love how fun and true to the couple this unique exit was! If this doesn’t convince you to have a unique motorcycle wedding exit, I seriously don’t know what will!

Unique Motorcycle Wedding Exit bride and groom sendoff ideas

From the hanging lights above the bride and groom to the bride’s barefoot feet, I adore everything about this idea! You truly can make it so personal, and the photos are effortless, yet incredibly fun!

We need a moment for the bride’s outfit change, right?! How incredible is this white jumpsuit, complete with a white jean jacket with her new last name? Also, we love a moment for the safety helmets – with bonus points for their clean look! Truly a win-win. Not to mention the bride and groom posing for a few photos in the aisle with white glow sticks all around! Trust me when I say this was a photographer’s DREAM. So, to all couples planning their wedding, here’s some advice: do the dang motorcycle exit! It’s so fun for the couple, the guests, and even the photographer!

Wedding Sendoff Inspiration

Unique Wedding Exit Ideas

Looking for other unique wedding exit ideas? As a wedding photographer, I have tons of favorites I’ve seen over the years! Here is a list of unique wedding exit ideas you just might want to use at your own wedding! Wedding sendoffs can be as creative as you want them to be

  • Bubbles
  • Glow Sticks
  • Light up Cowboy hats (especially if you live in the south!!)
  • Have your entire bridal party exit with you!
  • Fireworks – it doesn’t get much better
  • Convertible car exit
  • Floating lanterns
  • Unique Motorcycle wedding exits, of course!
  • Have a wedding entrance instead
  • Sparklers with your wedding party
  • Rose petals (white look the best)
  • Bio degradable confetti
  • Paper airplanes
  • Lavender
  • LED balloons

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Wedding Vendors from this day:

I’ve said it before, but the wedding vendors truly make or break a wedding day! This wedding had incredible vendors!

Venue: Redeemed Farms

Photographer: Alecca Synclair Photography

Planner: Details by Design