Laguna Beach Elopement

Intimate Mid-Day Laguna Beach Elopement

This bride and groom chose the perfect location and day for their gorgeous Laguna Beach wedding. Have you ever considered Laguna Beach for your intimate wedding? If you’re looking for a stunning background for a simple wedding in Orange County, California, I highly recommend Laguna! Scroll down the page for a few previous of what your elopement could look like at this beautiful location. Plus, I’ll fill you in on everything you need to know before planning an intimate Laguna Beach elopement!

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Laguna Beach Elopement

How to Elope at Laguna Beach

Getting a Permit for Your Elopement

Before planning your elopement in Orange County, California, you’ll need to attain a permit! Before you freak out, don’t worry! Luckily, attaining a permit for Laguna Beach is relatively easy! Although the price of your elopement permit depends on the exact location, the permit will range from $370-$500. Compared to wedding venues, this is incredibly affordable! More information about attaining a permit for your Laguna Beach elopement can be found here!

Finding the Best Wedding Vendors

When it comes to any sized wedding, even for small ones – the vendor team is critical! As a wedding photographer, I have seen first hand how vendors impact a couple’s big day. So, here are a few suggestions of vendors to make your wedding day amazing!

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California Wedding Planners

Wedding Florists – Orange County

Laguna Beach Bridals

Bridal photos in Orange County, California

When it comes to beach weddings, a hat is a must! No beach wedding is complete without an adorable Gigi Pip hat, right? Plus, add the perfect pair of sunnies and you’re absolutely set! Bree is an entire vibe right here. Even with it being right in the middle of the afternoon, these photos were unbelievable. Trust me, do yourself a favor and keep looking through these adorable beach bridals.

Laguna Beach Bridal Portraits

Obviously, we need a minute for this black and white photo.

Laguna Beach Elopement Day Details

Laguna Beach Elopement Details

No beach wedding is complete without a few boho details, right? These earrings by Sun and Sage are everything!

Ready to Get Married Here?

Firstly, getting married anywhere in California is definitely gorgeous. Personally, though, Orange County is one of my top recommendations for elopements and weddings alike! From the stunning white beaches to the unique venues, there really is a place for every bride and groom. If you’re looking for a California wedding photographer or even just help planning your Laguna elopement, reach out! I would personally love to help!

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Laguna Beach Elopement