Downtown Houston Branding Photos

Emma trusted me to take her branding photos in downtown Houston! We seriously had the best time & I am obsessed with the skyscraper background from the buildings in Houston. There are so many hidden gems in Texas to take photos in, and Houston is no exception! When it comes to branding photos, I always suggest finding fun backgrounds that compliment the client’s brand & mission. Emma is a hair and makeup artist here in Houston. This girl is crazy talented so be sure to hire her for any hair and makeup needs!

Tips for Houston Photos:

Thinking of taking branding photos in Houston? There are tons of fun locations for brand photos all across the city. Parking garages are found all throughout Houston – when picking one, be sure to consider lighting and time of day. Also, find a photographer that knows the city well and can find you unique locations. Main street in Houston has tons of adorable location ideas for your session!

Find other photo inspiration here! If you’re needing a branding photographer in Texas, I would absolutely love to be considered. I thrive at creating fun, professional, and true to your personality branding photos to capture your brand. Whether your brand does products, services, or anything in between, I highly recommend investing in branding portraits.