Deception Pass Couples Photos in Washington

PNW Engagement Photos in Deception Pass, Washington

One of my all time favorite locations has quickly become Deception Pass in Washington. As you look through this session with Moriah and Sashka, you’ll see why? I got to spend an evening in the PNW with these two. Every view from Deception Pass took my breath away. Wowza. Take a peak at this session for yourself! These Deception Pass Couples photos are truly my all time favorites. The location, the couple – all of it was absolute perfection. What do you think?

About Deception Pass

Deception Pass is located about an hour and a half north of Seattle. I promise you it’s absolutely worth the drive! Whether you’re taking couples photos like we did or just looking for an incredible PNW view, I highly recommend driving to Deception Pass State Park! Offering a full panoramic view of the ocean and lots of rocky cliffs, I cannot get over how beautiful this Washington location is. As a wedding and couples photographer, I couldn’t dream of a better backdrop!

Where to Take Couples Photos in Deception Pass

Deception Pass is absolutely breathtaking, so you can’t go wrong with picking a location to take couples photos here! With that being said, I truly think it’s important to book a photographer that is familiar with the layout of the state park. I highly encourage you to reach out! I would love to capture your love through engagement or couples photos in Deception Pass.

Deception Pass Bridge

Although I didn’t have time to head to Deception Pass bridge for photos during Moriah and Sashka’s engagement session, it truly is a great option for photos in Washington! Not only is the bridge historic, but it’s absolutely beautiful!

Deception Pass Shoreline

Similar to the Deception Pass bridge, the shoreline of the state park offers incredible views of the shore and the entirety of the park. While there are a plethora of spots along the shoreline, some of my favorite places for engagement sessions at Deception Pass have to be this unique little island with the tree above. How stunning is this view? Additionally, it’s really easy to get to! It is such a unique spot in Washington for engagement or couples photos!

Rosario Beach

Although most photographers try to gatekeep this stunning spot, Rosario beach is one of my favorite locations in Deception Pass State Park. Honestly, it’s even one of my favorite locations for photos in Washington State. Without a doubt, this location is worth the short drive from Seattle. Doesn’t this location feel like another world?

Best Times to Take Couples Photos at Deception Pass

When it comes to taking photos at Deception Pass, I highly recommend coming at golden hour! Not only do you get an amazing view of the sunset over the west coast waters, but you typically have an amazing golden hour. As a photographer, my favorite time of day to take photos is during golden hour. I’m guessing you can see why!

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