When do You Book a Wedding Photographer?

One of the most common questions when it comes to wedding planning is “When do you book a wedding photographer?”. This question is absolutely understandable! Lucky for you, I’m here to break down when you should book a photographer for your wedding. Additionally, it’s important to talk about why you should book them as well! So, my friend, keep reading to learn about when the heck you should even book a wedding photographer!

When do You Book a Wedding Photographer?

Booking a Wedding Photographer: When should you book?

So, you’re engaged!! EEEEK! It’s finally time to start planning that wedding you’ve been dreaming about. Jumping up and down with you, sister friend!! After you’ve soaked up your engagement, celebrated, and told your loved ones, it’s finally time to start wedding planning.

When it comes to booking a wedding photographer, I recommend booking them after you’ve booked a wedding venue and set a date.


Odds are, your wedding photographer needs to know if they’re even available for your wedding date! Because of this, you’ll need your venue and date secured. Once you have that done, I recommend inquiring with all your favorite wedding vendors!

How Far Out Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer?

When it comes to how far out from your wedding date you should book your wedding photographer, here’s what I recommend! I recommend booking them AT LEAST 9-15 months before your wedding date. While that may seem early, I promise it’s not. In the wedding industry, things book out months and months in advanced. As a wedding photographer myself, I open my books up about a year and a half in advance. As soon as I do that, they start filling!

All of this to say, if you have a shorter engagement, there’s no need to panic. Many photographers will still have dates available 9 months from your date. At the same time, they just may be more limited. As a general rule of thumb, try to book the vendors that are most important to you as soon as you can.

What Wedding Vendors to Book First:

I know wedding planning can be overwhelming! Here’s a list of wedding vendors you may want to book right after you secure your wedding day!

  • wedding photographer
  • videographer
  • florist
  • day-of-coordinator
  • catering
  • dessert

Final Thoughts on Booking Your Dream Photographer:

At the end of the day, if photography is important to you, I cannot recommend reaching out to your dream photographers early. Not only does this help you budget accordingly, but this ensures your date is available! Please comment any other questions you have when it comes to wedding planning! As an Iowa wedding photographer, I am always happy to help! Or, reach out here to inquire for my own pricing and availability! Find more information about Alecca Synclair Photography here!

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