Summertime Engagement Session in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Are you looking for a place to have your engagement session in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Do you need location ideas? I know with Iowa, it can get pretty tricky to find the perfect engagement session location, which is why I made a list! This summertime engagement session with Emily and Alex was SO sweet. Plus, the locations were stunning so I thought I would have to share them! Ready to see some stunning locations from this summertime engagement session in Cedar Rapids?

We started the engagement session at Palisades-Kepler State Park. After being closed due to the Iowa derecho in 2020, it finally opened back up this summer – which I was stoked for! We headed down to the beach area where we saw families paddleboarding and enjoying the warm, Iowa summer day. Emily and Alex embraced the heat and sand and went with any idea I had. How precious are they?!

When it comes to engagement sessions in Iowa during the summertime, always be sure to dress for the weather! Loose, flowy clothes on a hot day are a MUST. Not to mention bug spray if you’re headed to Cedar Rapids in the early summer months! Overall, though, the weather in Iowa is perfect for summertime engagement sessions.

After we spent some time at Palisades-Kepler State Park, we headed to Wanatee Park in Cedar Rapids. It was only a 10 minute drive from the state park, and SO worth it! We got there just in time for golden hour.

As we were taking photos, there were even a couple hot air balloons floating in the distance. You can’t get more romantic than that! Emily and Alex danced in a field of flowers and we took full advantage of an empty road for some quick photos.

Need other ideas of where to have your Cedar Rapids engagement session?

Like I mentioned, finding unique places in Cedar Rapids can be tricky, but there are definitely plenty of beautiful locations to choose from! Here are a couple locations you may want to consider for your engagement session:

  1. Palisades-Keppler State Park
  2. Wanatee Park
  3. Lake MacBride
  4. Czech Village
  5. Downtown Cedar Rapids
  6. Kent Park

I hope you found these suggestions helpful! I also hope that Emily and Alex’s engagement session shows you just how beautiful your Cedar Rapids engagement session can be!

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