How to Get Married in Austin Texas

So you’re wanting to get married in Austin Texas? You’ve come to the write place! I’m an Austin Texas Wedding Photographer who loves helping couples easily plan the wedding of their dreams. As a past bride, I realize the lack of resources out there for planning a wedding, especially in Texas. So, welcome to a blog that will help you know how to get married in Austin Texas! This blog post will have suggestions for wedding planning tips from a wedding photographer, suggestions on Austin Wedding vendors, and so much more! I’m excited to help you plan your Austin Texas wedding!

Getting Married in Austin 101:

You just got engaged and are ready to plan a wedding in Austin, Texas?! Congrats!! Austin is such a beautiful place and really is a dream location for a wedding. Allow me to walk you through everything you need to know about how to get married in Austin! Whether you’re looking for a chic barn venue, places to elope, or a dream vendor team, this article will cover it all!

Step 1: Decide on type of wedding.

After you’ve celebrated your engagement, it’s time to sit down and get into all the wedding planning details! Take a deep breath – as an Austin wedding photographer, I’m here to walk you through it! Firstly, you’ll need to decide what type of wedding you want to plan! Do you want an elopement? Do you want a big wedding with hundreds of guests? There’s no wrong answer, but you’ll need to decide what type is best for you. Sit down with your significant other and talk through all of your wedding priorities.

Step 2: Choose an Austin wedding venue

Now that you know the type of wedding you want, you’ll firstly want to choose a wedding venue in Austin. No matter what type of wedding venue you want to go with, you’ll need some form of location.

Large Austin Wedding Venues:

Small Austin Wedding Venues:

Step 3: Find an Austin Texas Wedding Photographer

Hi hi hi!! I’m an Austin wedding photographer and I would love to photograph the moments of your day. Shameless plug, right? 😉 But seriously, when looking for a wedding photographer in Austin, I highly encourage you to invest in someone that will bring your vision to life. Your wedding day will go fast, but the photos last forever. With that being said, I would love if you reached out to me! Okay, shameless plug over but I would love to help photograph your Austin Texas Wedding!!

Step 4: Find the rest of your Austin Wedding Vendors

I cannot express enough how important it is to hire amazing wedding vendors. You get what you pay for, my friend. So while there might be a few areas to cut corners in, don’t cut corners on the areas you value most. I promise you’ll regret it if you do. For an extensive list of Austin Wedding Vendors I love, click here!

How to get your marriage license in Austin:

I would love to help you! Firstly, you’ll need to submit an application for your marriage license. Keep in mind you’ll have to wait for 3 days before obtaining the license. So, be sure to plan ahead of time! To get your marriage license, you’ll have to both go to the county clerk’s office. Visit here to find out more requirements!

Once you have your marriage license, you’ll want to bring it with you to your Austin wedding. Complete the signing requirements as instructed. Then, you’ll need to return it to the recording division. Good news – you can mail this in after the wedding. Once you get it back, you’re set! You can go about with changing names and all of that good stuff. I’m no expert in this area though, haha so I’ll let you do your own research on this one.

How to Get Married in Austin, Texas

Overall, getting married in Austin Texas isn’t much different from getting married elsewhere. With that being said, I highly recommend finding an amazing vendor team to help you! For more inspiration, follow along on my journey as an Austin Wedding Photographer here!