Harpor’s Vineyard Wedding Venue

Harpor’s Vineyard Wedding Venue in New Virginia, Iowa

One of my all-time favorite wedding venues in Iowa as an Iowa wedding photographer is hands down Harpor’s Vineyard wedding venue. From the most attentive staff to stunning backgrounds for all your photos, Harpor’s Vineyard really does make weddings so special. Nicole and Adam said their vows surrounded by their family and friends with the most scenic background. If you’re looking for an incredible Iowa wedding venue, take my advice. Consider Harpor’s vineyard. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 😉 If you’re looking for a photographer for your Iowa wedding, I would be so honored if you reached out to me! Bonus points if you choose Harpor’s as your venue!

About Harpor’s Vineyard:

Harpor’s Vineyard has some of the most unique features of any Iowa wedding venue. Not only does it have a winery (obviously), but it has a building that’s perfect for an indoor recpetion too. One of my favortie elements of the Harpor’s Vineyard wedding venue is hands down the bridal suite. Getting ready at this Iowa wedding venue is a dream. From the elegant decorations to the amazing lighting, this Iowa venue is a photographer’s dream.

Getting Ready Photos at Harpor’s Venue:

These getting ready photos are an absolute DREAM, right? Seeing Nicole with all her friends as she gets ready to marry the man of her dreams was so special to photograph. Harpor’s venue was the perfect setting to get ready for your Iowa wedding.

First Look at Harpor’s Vineyard

When I tell you this is one of the sweetest first looks I’ve photographed to date as a wedding photographer, I mean it. These two let all of their emotions out and it was so genuine to capture. Photographing first looks are some of my favorite parts of the day. Why? Because typically the first look is when it sets in for a couple. It’s their wedding day. And for me when I got married, it hit me. All of the emotions, feelings, and excitement just comes out. As a wedding photographer, I suggest to all my couples to take your time during the first look. Laugh together, cry together. Also, consider reading your private vows or letters together. Whatever you choose to do, I encourage you to make your wedding day your own.

Harpor’s Vineyard Wedding Venue: Bridal Party Photos

Grad your girls, your bouquets, and throw some of your favorite throwback songs on. At least that’s what we did for this fun bridal party! Also, can we take a minute for these wedding colors? It looks so perfect contrasted with the Harpor’s wedding venue, doesn’t it?

Iowa Wedding Ceremony

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If Harpor’s venue isn’t right for you, no worries at all! Here is another list of some of my favorite Iowa wedding venues! As a photographer, I am so confident you can find the Iowa wedding venue of your dreams in this list. If not, message or email me! I’d love to help you find a wedding venue that’s perfect for YOU!

Last few photos!