Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

Sarah & Riley’s Engagement Session in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

If you’re looking for a dreamy location for engagement photos (or really any session type) in Utah, try Cottonwood Canyon! It truly is a dream year round. I photographed this Cottonwood Canyon engagement session in November and although a bit chilly, it didn’t disappoint! Even the gloomy skies couldn’t ruin these photos!

Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

About Cottonwood Canyon

Cottonwood Canyon is a canyon just southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah! With a diverse range of trees, mountains, and even some water, this location truly is gorgeous! Additionally, the canyon is 15 miles long. When I say every inch of it is gorgeous, I mean it! If you come here in the fall, you might just find all of the trees hundreds of shades of beautiful colors. Although I was just a week too late for the fall colors, I’ll definitely be back to photograph another stunning engagement session in Salt Lake City!

Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

Can you tell these two cuties were freezing their butts off? I bet not! They seriously rocked it…just look how stinkin’ cute they are!!

Best Photo Spots in Cottonwood Canyon

Cottonwood Canyon is broken up into Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Original, right? 😉 Regardless, both have epic backgrounds and tons of photo spots!

Jordan Pines

Jordan Pines, in Big Cottonwood Canyon is easily accessible and SO stunning! With a parking lot nearby, you are able to easily change outfits (or warm up) as needed! Additionally, it provides amazing views of the mountains and lush green trees. Be sure to stop if you’re in Salt Lake City!

Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Right at the very end of the canyon road sits Silver Lake. It has a easy-to-walk path all the way across, however that doesn’t make it any less stunning! Be sure to make it up to Silver Lake before sunset to watch the beautiful sun go down over the mountains of Utah!

Best Times of Year for your Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

If you’re wondering what the best time of year is for your engagement session at Cottonwood Canyon, the answer is simple. Fall or summer! In the fall, if you time it right, all the trees will be absolutely breathtaking in Utah! At the same time, though, summer at the Canyon is also gorgeous with wildflowers everywhere. So, if you have the option, I highly recommend planning your engagement session either during the summer or fall!

Photos from this Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

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For more photos from this cute engagement session, check out the full gallery here! If you’re looking to book an engagement session in Utah, or anywhere across the world, I would love to document it! Reach out through my website to inquire!

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