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Julia & Darren’s Big Sur Engagement Session

As a Big Sur Photographer, I truly love getting to photograph couples with the unbelievable beauty surrounding them that is Big Sur. Located along Route 1 in California, Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And I’ll believe that until the day I die! When it comes to being a Big Sur photographer, there are just so many different locations. You really could never get tired of this place! From Pfeiffer Beach to McWay Falls and everywhere in between, you could never get tired of this place! Julia and Darren’s engagement session in Big Sur leaves me speechless!

Big Sur California Coast

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Looking to hire a Big Sur Photographer? I’m Alecca! I’m an expert on Big Sur and also destination couples + elopement photographer! When considering a photo session in Big Sur, it’s best to book someone who knows the area. Luckily, I do! Please reach out! Let’s capture your dream photos in Big Sur California!

Where to Take Photos in Big Sur: Advice from a Big Sur Photographer

Big Sur is a stretch of miles and miles along route one! So, where are the best places to take photos? Firstly, you really cannot go wrong. There isn’t one bag location along the route. However, I definitely do have favorites! Here are a list of locaitons

Garrapata State Park

Garrapata State Park consists of 2 miles of beach along Big Sur! It’s actually where I took Julia and Darren’s engagements at! As you can see, it has a wide array of types of backgrounds. Additionally, the sunset is absolutely unbelievable from Garrapata! So, if you’re looking for an amazing, easy to get to location on the coast of Big Sur, be sure to stop at Garrapata state park! If you stop here, though, please note there are no restrooms! So for outfit changes, you’ll have to have a portable changing tent or change in your car!

Lover’s Point

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Lover’s point is amazing for photos! It’s located in Monterey and is known for the bright purple flowers that bloom along the coast. Be sure to do your research ahead of time to go to Lover’s point when they’re in bloom! Don’t worry, though. I’m sure it’s beautiful regardless!

Notley’s Landing Viewpoint

If you’re looking for a view of the iconic Bixby bridge, Notley’s landing is a great stop! It has the view of Bixby bridge, but also of the coast leading up to it. I’m sure you can get some incredible shots of Big Sur here!

Advice from a Big Sur Photographer

If you’re wanting to take photos of Big Sur and are meeting a client here, there are several things you need to know! Firstly, service is very limited! So, I highly recommend driving together or carpooling into Big Sur. Additionally, there are no gas stations. Save yourself stress and be sure to fill up with gas ahead of time. Thirdly, be mindful of the time of day you take photos! I highly recommend taking engagement photos in Big Sur at golden hour – an hour before sunset! With Big Sur being on the west coast, you’ll be able to watch the sun sink down into the ocean. I also recommend getting there early! Big Sur is one of the most surreal places I’ve been to as a photographer. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the view and the peaceful sounds of the ocean.

Best Time of Year for Photos in Big Sur California

When it comes to California, there really isn’t a bad time of year to take photos in Big Sur! If you’re wanting it to be warm, take them in the summer months. But, if you don’t mind a chilly breeze, Big Sur is picture-perfect year round! Some benefits of Big Sur, aside from the incredible weather, is that it’s open to the public! Unlike National Parks, you don’t have to have a permit! (unless you’re going to specific state beaches along Route One, like Pfeiffer Beach). It blows my mind that a place this beautiful is easily accessible to anyone!

As with anywhere you do, always check the weather before having a photography session somewhere. Big Sur is on the Coast, which means hazardous weather can negatively impact the roads. Fire season in California can also be a threat, so check the road conditions before traveling along the coast.

Be sure to Leave No Trace

Before you head to Big Sur, California, please remember to leave no trace! Abide by all LNT rules and guidelines, which can be found here!

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