An adventurous, fun approach to documenting your love. I specialize in TONS of movement, capturing belly laughs, and allowing my couples to just be themselves. I promise you won't ever feel awkward in front of my camera. Let me document your favorite date night, do an adventure session at a place you've always wanted to travel, or go anywhere you'd like! 


photos that feel like you

couples sessions

Grab your babe & let's go! Hiring me to photograph your couples session is a GAME CHANGER. I'm the ultimate third wheel & will make sure you both have a blast the whole time! We'll head to some beautiful places, adventure, be goofy, and get some amazing photos that will truly capture your love. Couples are my JAM & I promise to make your session as effortless as possible while making sure you still look like you in the photos, not a couple you don't know. 

how it works

Unless you're the rare one percent of people who always knows their best angles and exactly what to do with their hands, the rest of us can feel a little awkward in front of the camera, right? I'm right there with you. which is why i decided to completely re-work the couples session experience. when it comes to being in front of my camera, I focus on creating moments instead of poses. I allow my couples to simply just be themselves. don't worry, I promise I'll still tell you what to do with your hands and make sure you look good, but I'll also make you forget you're even in front of the camera because you're having so much fun. so take a deep breathe and get ready to spend your session simply just hanging out, being goofy, enjoying each other's company. let me do the work and create magic.